Top 5 Tips and Tricks for New Players in LOST ARK

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MMORPG/ARPG LOST ARK released this weekend and the stats couldn’t be more awesome. Quickly getting into the number one played game on Steam, it’s off to an excellent start for the English premier of the special game already available in Asia and Russia. Now, while the opening Prologue and tutorials definitely help guide new players in the right direction of the game, Check out the five tips and tricks for new players wanting to make the most out of their new hours in their Lost Ark expedition.


Every Class Has a Trial Mode

In some of the famous MMORPGs and ARPGs, you select a class and have to spend days, weeks, or even months actually testing a single class out to exact true playstyles. This is certainly not the case with Lost Ark as you can try out each class and sub-class before even closing in. So before you lock in, you have to check ‘em all out.


Do Not Skip The Prologue

When you first start the game on the test servers months ago, I’d skip the Prologue on every character I made because I just wanted to jump straight into the action. Not only is the Prologue act as an excellent tutorial, but the story present in that section is also very crucial in the context of the entire game. You get your first, amazing piece of cosmetic gear.


Explore the whole Map

Even though taking a peek at the maps in Lost Ark make it look like everything is linear, I can’t say this enough: It’s not. There are secret dungeons, goodies, and side areas that you may totally miss if you don’t look around and explore every square inch of each map and main dungeons.


The Best Starting Dungeon is Optional

Not sure why but a good starting dungeon in the game, Aquilok’s Head, is entirely optional. Not only does it have some great loot, but the graphics and atmosphere are also great, the story is critical to the whole area, and there are some excellent collectibles present. You can locate it in the upper right corner of the map in the Ankumo Mountain area.


The First Boss With Amazing Loot is Easy to Miss

If you are trying to finish your Adventure Guide entries on your first continent, you may catch there is a boss named Rudric listed. Even though you may run into him randomly, the story and tutorial will not take you to him. You have to take this fight! You can find him near the southern tip of the Graveyard at the Rethramis Border. If you do not see him, switch Channels in the upper right corner of your screen and prepare yourself for a massive fight with some amazing loot!

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