Top 5 Tips To Uplevel Your Instagram Game Like A Pro

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Instagram is a social media platform that cannot be ignored. Whether you are running a business or a blog, Instagram is a must-have platform for capitalizing the opportunities. With more than a billion active features, the hype about Instagram is real. The algorithm of Instagram keeps changing from time to time and therefore, it becomes essential to update yourself with the latest change. Here are five tips to uplevel your Instagram game based on the latest algorithm. 


1. Focus on the reels 

Instagram reels are one of the most popular features that Instagram has ever rolled out. With Instagram Reels, you will never ever need TilkTok again. Currently, Instagram is focused on Reels, and therefore, creating more reels ensures that you reach more audiences. For starting on Reels today, firstly find a niche of your choice and then start making clips on that niche frequently. Focus on the presentation of the Reel and keep the video post more than 15 seconds. Also, keep experimenting with the trending effects and AR filters and use appropriate hashtags. 


2. Consistency is the key 

When it comes to becoming popular on Instagram, Consistency is always the key. Try to figure out how frequently you post on Instagram. Further, ask yourself do you post at random hours or if your publishing schedule is backed up by any insights. For different social media platforms lies different optimal times to post and you need to figure out what time suits the demography of your location to ensure you get maximum reach. 


3. Create engagement through your stories 

Stories are important to keep your engagement high and it is a priority for Instagram as well. Try to create stories that the audience can relate to like, you can drop a good Love Status and then create a poll for your audience whether they agree or not. Another popular way of increasing engagement through stories is by sharing your Instagram posts on them. For instance, you can share your Sexy Photos posts on Instagram in its story and then hide it behind a sticker and ask your audience to click on it to view your post. 


4. Include call-to-action- frequently on your captions 

Captions are important to provide more detail about the media that you have posted to create an emotional connection which can also encourage engagement. It is always a good idea to include a call-to-action via the captions. Simple ways of doing it include asking questions, tag a friend who can relate to it, or leaving a comment if the reader agrees with the stuff that you have posted. If you are working on producing motivational content, you can directly ask your audience to save the post or share it with a friend directly in the image too. 


5. Know how many hashtags to use 

Often to appear classy like big brands, a common rookie mistake is to either use few hashtags or no hashtags at all. Hashtags serve the dual function of making the post searchable and encouraging hashtag shares. Also, it is true that using plenty of hashtags shows that you are in desperate need of attention. When you are trying to grow your Instagram account, you need to let go of such limits though. So what if it is clearly visible that you are asking for more followers? It’s a goal of yours and there is nothing to be ashamed of. As your Instagram profile grows, you can minimize the number of hashtags that you want to use. But for a starter, do not go easy on those hashtags. 

Remember, that Instagram is all about beautiful visuals. Whether you are sharing a picture or a video, to earn maximum engagement ensure that the media is visually appealing. Further, have a clear bio that specifies clearly what our Instagram account is all about. Lastly, engage with your audience. If someone is leaving a comment in your post, leave a comment on their post too. Tell them how much you love their post or why you could relate to it. Randomly engage with your audience and make them feel special. For getting ahead of the road of Instagram. It is important that you make your presence more human on Instagram. 

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