Top 5 Virtual Reality Companies

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Virtual Reality companies and the technology they are producing were considered as the next major player in the market and they surely delivered. World’s biggest names have turned up and are battling for VR supremacy. The technology is changing the way we feel about almost everything as everything it touches is becoming a new experience built by a development company like SwagSoft. The VR market is increasing daily and here are some of the biggest virtual reality companies.

Working Of A Google Office From Inside


As one of the biggest companies in the world, Google knows no boundaries and they have emerged to the VR scene with a simple headset called Google Cardboard. The device was designed with one thought in mind – Android apps to have the privilege to be used specifically on Android smartphones. Since the initial product, Google came up with an upgraded version, that will cost you 5 times more ($79 USD), called Google Daydream View. The concept is identical and you still put the phone in the headset which functions as your primary display and the screen is separated into two images by the lenses.


Oculus Rift

Oculus VR

Oculus VR is the virtual reality company coming from Facebook serving as the answer in the VR competitive market. Oculus became a different brand in the company carrying its own name which started with an initial investment of $2 billion from Facebook. Those were the only good news for this virtual reality company, as early shipments of the headsets were problematic and the deal with Best Buy ruined. Other problems came with numerous lawsuits over John Carmack – serious accusations were thrown out his way and the case had a dreadful impact on Oculus and the virtual reality company is still struggling to recover.

Samsung’s Virtual Reality Headset


Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality company coming from the Korean conglomerate. Its device is quite expensive ($199) and it is only working with the newest Samsung phones. So far, only games from specific developers are running properly and the customers are waiting for an updated version.

HTC Vive 2 VR Headset

HTC Vive

Probably the most complex unit of them all is coming from HTC’s virtual reality company and it is called Vive. A system of a headset, two devices for your hands and the kicker comes from special sensors placed around the place inhabited tracking all your moves. A single box is coming with 16 different components and even set up the system requires strong knowledge and careful reading of the manual. Vive gives you an absolutely unique experience to play the game while moving around and not just sitting in one place.


Microsoft HoloLens

The company started by Bill Gates is still developing its project which will be using different technology – augmented reality. The product is not on the market yet but the virtual reality company is advertising many apps including CAD design and architectural engineering. Augmented reality will provide a different perspective on the gaming world. PokemonGo is the most recognized game using augmented reality – virtual images are used over real-world images. The technology Is fairly new but virtual reality companies are starting to take full advantage.


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