Top 7 Courses To Help You Design A Website From Scratch

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If you are planning to become a web designer, it is extremely important to invest some time in learning the basics, so that you can successfully create a functional website. Thankfully, in the age of the internet, the digital space is filled with plenty of classes and courses. However, the problem is there are plenty of options available out there and to make the decision easy for you, we have curated a list of top 7 courses to help you design a functional website in 2021. The courses listed below covers both free and paid courses.


1. WebFlow University

WebFlow University provides a free Ultimate Web Design Course which includes five hours of video lessons. The course makes all the basics clear and covers the topics of HTML and CSS basics, web structure, buttons, typography, media elements, components, styling basics, layout basics, advanced layouts, responsive design, CMS and dynamic content and SEO. However, it does not provide any certification after the completion of the course. 


2. freeCodeCamp 

As the name suggests, freeCodeCamp teaches the learner to create responsive web design through HTML and CSS The course was released in 2019 on their YouTube channel. It is an introductory course of four hours that teaches the student about responsive design basics, mobile-first design, CSS units, Em vs px vs rems, flexbox, CSS styles, responsive containers, media queries, responsive navigation, page structure and widget. 


3. Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML and CSS

This course is available on Udemy which is a popular learning platform that houses premium content. It is an 11-hour long course which when completed, the user is awarded a certificate. It covers HTML layout and essentials, media, fonts and typography, page structure, navigation, and forms. A good way to make yourself familiar with these aspects, it is advisable to have a look at interesting websites like Nadakacheri which is a portal-based website. Additionally, it covers topics like CSS essentials, backgrounds, flexbox, CSS3 animations, JavaScript frameworks, and finally Bootstrap. 


4. CSS Grids and Flexbox for Responsive Web Design

This course is housed by Frontend Masters which is a great platform for a newbie to learn more about web designing. True to its name, the course provides valuable information to create truly responsive websites. It is a five-hour-long course that deals with responsive design basics, CSS float, flexbox basics and implementation, responsive images, and CSS grid basics and implementation. 


5. Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & Coding Specialization 

One can take this course on Coursera. The course is created by the University of Michigan and is a very popular course on the platform. The course provides detailed information in its 70 hours of videos to create functional websites like TNeSevai which is a government portal to support e-governance. One can take this course to know more about web development, CSS basics, HTML5 basics, JavaScript basics, responsive web design, web accessibility, DOM, and Bootstrap. 


5. W3CX Frontend Developer Program

This gem is provided by edX and the length of the course is 140 hours which in addition to teaching the basics also includes reviews and experiments which allow the learner to learn new things while experimenting. The topics covered by the course are HTML, CSS, JS basic, advanced responsive design, CSS grid, flexbox, navigation, and modern HTML 5 APIs. The instructors of this course are working at Microsoft which makes them experts in the subject matter. 


6. freeCodeCamp

With 300 hours of free learning, this course needs to be checked for sure if you are seriously looking forward to creating a responsive website. The course helps the user to retain new information by putting everything into practice. You can expect to learn about HTML 5, CSS3, responsive design, web accessibility, and applied visual design from this course. 


7. Codeacademy 

It is an interactive platform designed for web designers and coders to learn the basics of website design. The gasified interface of the course makes learning look like a game. From Codeacademy, you can easily learn to create your first website along with grabbing knowledge about CSS3 basics, HTML 5 and Javascript. The course houses 10-20 hours of lessons which are all interactive. One needs to check this course for its awesome learning interface and engaging community members. 


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