Top 9 free pcb design software that you cannot miss

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Are you in dire need of a quality and free of cost PCB design tool that can assist you in your electronics projects and other circuit designing endeavours? There are several tools available in the market, but you need to be careful about which one to choose. Today, we bring to you a list of the top 9 free PCB software design that can change the game for you. So read on to find out more.


If you are looking for one of the top players in the PCB layout game, then ZenitPCB is the way to go. This CAD program is extremely easy to use and user friendly, which allows you to finish all your projects within the stipulated time, and with ease and confidence. You can either use the original layout or use schematic capture to design a PCB.

PCBWeb Designer

This free to use CAD software is perfect for manufacturing and designing all sorts of circuit boards, including PCBs. Using this tool, the user can design multi sheet schematics with the easy to use and fast wiring tool, that makes life a whole lot easier. The tool also supports DRC checking and multi layer routing.


TinyCAD allows you to draw circuit diagrams for your PCBs with ease. The symbol library, that accompanies this tool, is perfect for first timers, making the UI a whole lot simpler for all kinds of users and designers. The designs can be imported to MS Word by using the Copy Paste shortcut provided on the tool, and can also be saved as a PNG format image.


BSch3V, short for BASI SCHEMATIC, is wonderful free PCB designing software for the Windows platform. The functions on this tool are quite basic, and the program is basically aimed at amateur users.

Osmond PCB

If you want flexibility when you design your PCB, then Osmond is going to be your best friend. The features on this tool are widespread, including, a huge number of board layers, unlimited sizes of boards, several parts and components, and various others. It is the perfect tool for any expert designer.


ExpressPCB is all about learning on the job. You learn all that you can about PCB designing as you use the software. It is perfect for beginners.


Go with gEDA if you want a tool that is compatible with Linux and lends a helping hand in designing electronic circuits and PCBs using simulation prototyping, schematic capture, and various other processes. The software is free to use and comes with a simple UI.


KiCAD is one of the most popular and widely used PCB designing software in the market nowadays. Using this tool, the user can create diagrams of electronic schematics, and also the artwork for PCBs. Electronics engineers find this tool to be extremely useful.


This free of cost PCB design tool is quite interesting, as it can be used by engineer, researchers and even artists. It is basically a creative design tool, which can also be used electronics and PCB design work.



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