Top Five Highest Selling Video Game Franchises of All Time

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Video games continue to thrive in modern-day life, from the 2D platform games from the 1980s to the modern-day cinematic and open-world games.

Video game development can be a seriously profitable business if a game takes off, here are the top five highest-selling video game franchises of all time.


Mario – 640 million 

He’s everyone’s favorite Italian plumber, one of the most recognizable gaming characters of all time, and also the figurehead of the number 1 selling video game franchise of all time. Since Super Mario Bros. first took to our shelves in 1985 this Nintendo masterclass has sold nearly 640 million copies across a number of different Mario titles. From the 2d platform games to the detailed 3D versions of Mario, this franchise has gripped millions around the globe and continues to be loved by both young and old.


Pokémon – 362 Million 

It’s another top entry for Nintendo with its smash hit title Pokémon coming at number 2 with over 360 million copies being sold across its various game titles. It first came to popularity through the handheld Nintendo Gameboy.

Initially, three games were released; Pokémon Red, Yellow, and Blue. Each game focused around a different Pokémon character; Red for Charmander, Yellow for Pikachu, and Blue for Squirtle. These three titles collectively have sold over 31 million making it the second-highest-grossing Gameboy game of all time behind only the classic block game, Tetris which sold 35 million.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty – 300 Million

This is the world’s most popular first-person shooter and this Activision blockbuster has sold over 300 million copies across its multiple titles. The series is verified by the Guinness World Records as the best-selling first-person shooter game series. It is also the most successful video game franchise created in the United States and is the best-selling video game franchise not owned by Nintendo. Call of Duty has a popular online presence and in turn, a competitive Esports scene where skilled players will compete against one another. Fans can even place wagers on this at established Esports betting websites.

Grand theft auto 3

Grand Theft Auto – 300 Million 

When it comes to getting hours’ worth of both single-player and multiplayer gameplay then nothing comes close to the huge explorable maps and countless missions offered in the Grand Theft Auto Series. From the first classic Grand Theft Auto birds-eye arcade game to the cinematic, breathtaking scenery of Grand Theft Auto VI, this series has captured the imagination of millions of people across the years. GTA has sold over 300 million copies worldwide and Rockstar Games are the most successful video game franchise to originate from the United Kingdom. There is sure to be another Grand Theft Auto title in the planning and it will be fascinating to see what the next ones bring.

FIFA – 260 Million

It’s the most popular soccer franchise of all time and this Electronic Arts behemoth continues to sell millions of copies each year. It is the first and only soccer game to have a license from the International Federation of Association Football, the governing body of soccer leagues around the world.

As well as a strong career mode, FIFA also offers some great online options for players, such as; FIFA Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs as well as the more conventional player-versus-player league system.  The FIFA series has sold 260 million copies since its first release in 1993.

Some diehard soccer fans may prefer Pro Evolution Soccer but FIFA’s licensing which includes the kits, players, stadiums, and clubs means FIFA will always have a foothold on the soccer video game space.

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