Top Gadgets We Want to See in 2014

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Technology is progressing at a pace which we have never seen before, every day more and more advanced mobile phones are emerging as well as new technologies advancing in gaming and televisions and there is no end in the near future, 3D and Virtual Reality is the next big thing we have to see in 2014.

Future will bring us more and more gadgets which help us advance in life as well as make our lives easier, Quarter of 2014 has passed and we still got the better part of 2014 left to go, there have already been any number of innovations that have captured our attention and brought the future to the present.


Oculus Rift


While Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR put a bit of a dampener on the gaming community’s spirits, the Oculus Rift is still set to completely change the way we play. The headset allows gamers to step inside their favourite titles, experiencing everything from the tables of Rush Poker to the battlegrounds of Titanfall first hand. The strong backing of the social media giant also means that the technology now has the potential to radicalize everything from health to education as well.

Google Glass

Google Glass

The eagerly anticipated Google Glass could be hitting the consumer shelves this year. This handy little gadget has the power change the way we interact with the world around us, keeping us updated and engaged in even the most mundane of settings. Although the technology has already been cast in controversy and banned from a number of establishments for its capabilities, such as cinemas and casinos, we still can’t wait to take a look through these spectacular spectacles.

Steam Machine

Oculus Rift

Valve has been pioneering PC gaming for a while now, but their latest release is set to change the game once again. The Steam Machines are a range of 14 pieces of hardware, developed by different partner companies, which allow players to access a library of online games from the comfort of their living room. Ranging in size, shape and price, these devices are capable of delivering experiences that push the next-gen consoles out of the competition.

4K TVs

4K TVs

4K TVs seem to be the next big thing on the horizon. The CES 2014 convention saw a huge selection of these ultra-sharp displays, which step up HD to a completely new level of visual quality. Major brands are already developing their own offerings and even Netflix is preparing for the boom by offering 4K streaming. These TVs currently carry a pretty hefty price tag, but early adoption is set to make them more affordable and accessible in the not too distant future.

The Curved Smartphone


Smartphones have integrated themselves as part of our everyday lives, constantly evolving in appearance, size, and functionality. Rumors and leaked details over new models by Apple, Samsung, and LG are all pointing towards one prevalent feature: the curve. Although it may seem like a bit of a novelty now, curved smartphones could take off like wildfire, with the curve improving the comfort of use and reducing on-screen glare, without affecting the performance of the device.

Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality Treadmill

Virtuix’s Omni treadmill, a virtual reality platform that allows users to run and walk in any direction in games using their real-life legs, will begin shipping in July for those that already pre-ordered one. The $500 package includes the treadmill unit, a pair of shoes, a support harness, mini-game, and tracking software and hardware.

The VR hardware developer raised $1.1 million on the crowdfunding platform and pushed well past its $150,000 goal in its first day.


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