Top Gaming Trends Which Will Change the Future

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Do you ever think about the gaming trends which will change the future course of the gaming industry? The technology in games is rapidly evolving. The future of gaming industry will change with the inventions of time and trends. In upcoming years, there will be many changes in gaming tendencies.

The annual Develop Conference involves game developers and analysts to discuss the future of games industry. By and large, it has been observed that digital technology is predominant in the gaming industry. I would like to discuss the following topmost gaming trends for near future which will modify the technique of how games are manufactured and will be played in the future.

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  1. Augmented Reality – Pokémon Go was a success. If it signifies the start of a new trend, then there will be the heavy development of AR in future. The AR games make the world trivial and jubilant. You will experience the less reasonable idea in it. Both gamers and game developers enjoy the potentiality of augmented reality. It appeals to hardcore gamers along with people who do not pick up a game at all. In the gaming industry, the developers can take hold of this technology to plan a sigh of progress for the near future.

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  1. Parents as gaming promoters – In UK, there was the recent survey where it was found that 75% of parents play video games with their children. Now families are enjoying more quality time in the living room. Nintendo has been famous for years. There has been a sort of Pixar effect between parents and children. As more to find millennial become parents so parent/child co-op market may rise in coming years.

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  1. Transparent game design – The studios are looking for transparent development process which is very influential. If it gets online, then it will be easy for the audience to interact in the real-time thoroughly. As a result, when the game gets released then those people become supporters of that game. The game’s designer, Alexis Kennedy believes that early access will be learned effectively by the narrative game designers. To make the narrative game work in early access, it is crucial to writing the beginning and end first so that it will be easy for the players to finish it. Developers will avoid making short games as there is the introduction of refunds on Steam which affects the length of the narrative games.

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  1. Virtual Reality –  It will transform the business of games industry as it is reappearing in the gaming sector. The VR headsets: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have observed huge success on the market. The developers are a day in and day out working on it. One of the most interesting headsets is Microsoft HoloLens that enjoys larger Gamers can hope exclusive and fascinating games in future as developers are focusing on manufacturing more and more VR games. The future of PlayStation VR also seems to be exciting. You will notice the explosive growth in VR games.

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  1. Players as Originators – Powerful creative tools are offered by the user-friendly map editors to let players have their levels and then share them online. A new era may have come into the picture where player generated content will play the vital role by hitting the console sector in a huge way. The development of new content will be outsourced by the developers to the fans. The mainstream version of Valve’s Steam Workshop can also be noticed which permits PC Game Modder to sell their creations. These creations can be sold out to other players. In PC gaming, modding has always played the important part. The gamers will not only watch the future development but will also be a part of it.

  1. eSports – eSports will come in the limelight by acting as the Sky Sports. In pro-gaming, a systematic model may be followed where users have to pay for subscription access. It will be done via satellite or cable channels. The subscription packages have been added to its eSports streams by the Major League Gaming. Shortly more will be followed. The major tournaments in eSports are available to view at free of cost which alters to traditional sports broadcasting where consumer have to pay for subscription charges. A same type of system will be seen in pro-gaming too.

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  1. The role of Wearables– The wearable technology should be entertaining and convenient to use at the same time. The wearable gaming products enjoy high market potential. Many outstanding wearable products have delighted the game world. It is the very broad industry. In Pokémon GO! it has been experienced that people outside freaked out about playing Pokémon GO on their devices. The future of 3D audio is OSSIC. The market of wearables devices will rise in future. For VR game control there will be the birth of smart gloves. Wearables devices and games will combine with each other.

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  1. The role of Console– The mobile phone will become more strong if the console is kept for a couple of years. To support full 4K and VR, the Project Scorpio will use its six teraflops. The console will grow into multimedia devices which are full of entertainment. It will not follow the pattern of dedicated gaming machines. As a result, the mobile market will dominate, and everyone desires to have the approachability of it.


The scenario of the gaming world is changing day by day. It is lively and consistently appealing the young and old folks. I have discussed the following leading points that will dominate the gaming industry. The latest technologies will modify the picture of the gaming world in future. The role of VR will be very significant for the members of the gaming industry. The goal is to make games stimulating for the gamers so that the new ways will be explored with proper planning. All the above points will involve actively so that the gaming industry can rise to the utmost level in future.


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