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League of Legends

How does it feel to be among the top players in League of Legends? Some people claim that the best LoL players are mechanical monsters making unrealistic moves. Some note self-confident shotcallers who direct and coordinate their allies while strategically outplaying opponents. Others speak of bold innovators who always look for new and effective ways to break the competitive meta-game.

As it often happens, the truth lies somewhere in between. The players on our list combine talent, game strategy, and creativity. So, meet the best 5 League of Legends players of 2022!


Faker – Lee Sang-hyeok

Team: T1

Honestly speaking, no other pro can top the list of the best League of Legends players while Faker is in the game. This guy easily rises to the highest places in the rankings on the most competitive LoL servers and has already demonstrated his prowess dozens of times. His skill is so incredible that sometimes you cannot believe he is a man and not a robot.

Faker puts a lot of pressure on enemy players. His mere presence can force opponents to reconsider their strategies with the very purpose of stopping him. However, defeating the man known as the “Demon King” is easier said than done. After all, Faker does an excellent job of restraining the pressure of the enemy jungle on his lane and destroying the opponents’ midlaner.


Karsa – Hung Hau-hsuan

Team: Royal Never Give Up

Karsa has always been one of the top LoL players. He entered the scene in 2014 as a member of a little-known roster of Machi 17. Six months later, he began playing for the iconic team Flash Wolves. And thanks to his mechanical prowess and focused style of play, this team represented the league in global tournaments and led the LMS for three consecutive years.

In 2018, Karsa traveled to China to play for Royal Never Give Up. The transition was not the smoothest, but his thoughtful approach to the game proved to be very suitable for the Chinese team. Karsa has made a career out of using the strategy of pushing the enemy jungle. The guy still leads his teammates to success.


CoreJJ – Jo Yong-in

Team: Team Liquid

It’s hard to say that CoreJJ had a good start in LoL. For the first two years, he played as AD Carry with Team Dignitas, Quvic E-Sports, and Bigfile Miracle. CoreJJ proved to be one of the best League of Legends players in the world only when he started to play as support in Samsung Galaxy.

Whether it’s about the organization of team fights, protection of ADC, or just getting around the map, CoreJJ performs his task at the highest level. However, his greatest strength is visibility control. CoreJJ is the best at map lighting and destroying enemy wards, which makes him a very serious opponent to face in Summoner’s Rift. Moreover, CoreJJ is getting stronger in Team Liquid, and no one will be surprised if he achieves new triumphs in the nearest future.


Deft – Kim Hyuk-kyu

Team: DRX

Deft is an army in one man. This guy is a real mechanical prodigy, and his unique combination of gaming knowledge and killer instinct makes him the focal point of any teamfight. Deft’s laning isn’t bad either, as the player is always looking for an opportunity to make a bold attack or a 2v2 kill. There was a time when his proactive and even aggressive playstyle made him too weak in the late game. However, Deft fixed this problem a long time ago.


Ruler – Park Jae-hyuk

Team: Gen.G

When Ruler began his esports career, he was a stable but unremarkable player who spent most of the time in the shadow of his team. Fast forward several years, and he is a top-level ADC. His agility is horrendous, he uses every chance to fight for the last creep and harass his opponents for any mistakes in the lane. However, his real forte is team fights.

Ruler has an incredible talent for dodging enemy skills and serious damage. What’s more, he is one of the best League of Legends players when it comes to cooperation, as he doesn’t make mistakes that cause his team to lose a game. And no matter how bad things get, his teammates can count on Ruler to deal a lot of damage and destroy the enemy in the upcoming fight.

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