Top New Skins in Halloween Terror – Overwatch

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It’s almost November 1, that date is popularly associated with an event – Halloween. It’s time to start getting our costumes, as well as Halloween box, and candies for the kids. Blizzard, a gaming company, has made it a tradition to observe and host special occasions, and Halloween is not an exception. Blizzard started the series last year, with Halloween themed characters. This game is an online multiplayer game. This year’s series starts on October 26 and will end on November 1. Writers have been putting pen to paper, all trying to speculate and report what they think the 2017 version would look like. If you would like to express your thoughts on paper can make it easy for you. Game enthusiasts are already anticipating this marathon game to begin, the Halloween terror 2017, as they would get to have another go at Frankenstein’s Revenge. This year would be a new thematic version, a good number of new character skins, new Halloween items, even though last year’s skins are still retained, there would be legendary skins for characters.

Symmetra: The fan base of Overwatch is excited over Symmetra’s legendary new skin. The new skin is dragon-like and looks like a demon costume. The fandom enjoys it when their female heroes look like a demon. Arts are already being released by fans on different platforms, such as Tumblr. Some followers of Blizzard that have played StarCraft would agree that there is no little amount of Zerg in this new skin. It has a striking resemblance to Kerrigan (Sarah Kerrigan is the Queen of Blades in StarCraft), especially with the shiny scales. This, however, does not take away from the brilliance and success, regardless of how you want to twist it.


Reaper:  The reaper is one of the deadliest heroes in Overmatch. He exterminates his old mates to satisfy his desire for revenge. The Reaper is also known as the “Dracula” skin. The Reaper is similar to Nosferatu; a character in Bram Stoker’s novel. I’m sure the fandom would like this new character because it looks like the typical costume for Reaper. The Reaper has Hellfire shotguns and also possesses the ability to become immune to injuries. It also has the special power to step between shadows. The Reaper is capable of jumping, crouching, and also perform a melee. Overall, I think the new skin is a great improvement from last year.

80’s Zarya:  80’s Zarya is exactly as her name implies. She looks totally like someone in 2017, rocking the 80’s vibes, and she pulled it off effortlessly. Some fans have the opinion that the skin looks ugly, some would even go as far as saying she has the ugliest skin. However, a good number of the fan base understand the concept and would not have her look different from what she looks like. It’s simple and without the technology and cyber-demon. A lot of fans would be dressing as Zarya on Halloween. She has armor, painted purple, adorned with a blonde wig and a headband. The skin is different from the other skins that portray terror, and scary looking, which makes her outstanding. She has some powerful features that can convert any arriving destruction into more energy for her huge particle cannon, however, the absence of roller-skaters appears to be an omission. This is my favorite skin in the Halloween Overmatch.

(Cthulu), Zenyatta — Zenyatta is a monk that roams around the earth in search of spiritual illumination. It is believed that whoever comes across him never remains the same. The skin of Zenyatta looks a bit futuristic for the Halloween event. The skin is a reference to Lovecraft, the works of H.P(An American author that specialized in writing horror fiction). He achieved fame for this field of writing after his demise. Lovecraft is really common among game heads, and Zenyatta decided to channel that. The skin is likable. Zenyatta has purple tentacles, with some green patterns, coupled with a creepy circle of eyes. The skin goes with the fragile way Zenyatta performs on the battlefield. This is one of the best skin releases. A well-deserved top 5


Jiangshi Mei — Overwatch is excellent when it comes to making images out of a wide range of cultures. Diversity is a strong suit of Overwatch. This came to play when they made Jiangshi Mei. Mei is clothed as a Jianghsi, a Chinese “hopping” Vampire. She does this, while still staying beautiful and exotic. Particularly with those little red circles on her cheeks. This particular skin is very successful and manages to fit the concept and performs her role at the same time. She even got featured in the announcement trailer.


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