Top Online Games in the Middle East

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With an estimated 100 million gamers, the Middle East is expected to see exponential growth in terms of the percentage of gamers who are actively involved in new online games. This is a trend around the world with increased viewership and participation in online gaming competitions and online multiplayer games but in the Middle East, it is particularly prevalent. But what are the top online games for players from the area? The most addictive, top online games throughout the Middle East include:



Mobile gaming revenue is expected to increase such that it exceeds 78 billion dollars around the world. The majority of this income comes exclusively from PUBG which is the top mobile game in terms of revenue. In fact, 4.9% of the revenue generated by this one game comes from Saudi Arabia alone. This is one of the most popular games and has remained the most popular since its original release in 2016. With this game, players are literally parachuted in from the sky onto a random place on the map, but the map is not the one we know here. It is a completely different world and once dropped into it players must search for weapons to fight other players in a battle royale environment, as well as gear to protect themselves during their fights and healing potions to help them survive. This is an online multiplayer game so individuals can engage in competitive fights with other players while also fighting for their survival. 


2. Fortnite

Fortnite generated 1.3 million dollars by the end of 2018 in revenue making it one of the most popular games around the world especially in the Middle East. Fortnite was originally launched in 2017 as a game that can be played in a solo situation or with a group. Those who play in a multiplayer setting can engage with friends and collectively fight off zombie-like creatures while those who play by themselves will try to adapt to the environment while also battling other players that are built into the game as well as other live players from around the world.

Casino Games

3. Casino Games

About 43% of people with a smartphone use it for games, with casino games are among the most popular even in the Middle East despite strong regulations against gambling. Whereas other games, such as those mentioned above, limit players to just one game, casino games provide hundreds of games in a single location. Arab speakers today can play games with different themes, types, structures, and much more. The best casino games in Arabic are available to play both with real money and for free.  Players don’t necessarily have to invest their money in order to enjoy the entertainment value of games that are based on popular movies, popular television shows, different sports teams, and even musical groups. With so many options players will always be able to find a form of entertainment when they play.


4. God of War

The God of War franchise is a series of action-adventure games that were originally released in This video game series follows ancient mythology where players get to embark on an adventure as Kratos, the Spartan warrior who under influence by the God of War Ares was tricked into killing his family. Now he is exiled and living in the shadow of the former gods and must adapt to his time as a father in an unfamiliar place while dealing with unexpected threats.


5. Counter Strike

Counter-Strike is one of the oldest games on the list, a series that began in 1999 but now offers a multiplayer series that was developed in 2012. Counter-Strike: Counter-strike: Global Offensive is the most recent multiplayer iteration that was released in 2012. The purpose of this game is to battle a group of terrorists. The counterterrorists are trying to Counter-Strike by preventing that act of terror. It is a first-person shooter game that pits these two teams together and the goal is to fulfill whatever objective exists in that particular part of the game. 

Overall, gaming is growing significantly across the Middle East as more players are engaging in online casino games as well as open environment survival-based games that both offer an opportunity for almost unlimited entertainment. Be sure to download these top online games and see what all the excitement is all about.

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