Top Tips for Running a Home Based Business

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 Home Based Business

Do you have a special skill and are ready to put that to work running your own business from your home?  Put your seatbelt on because owning your own business can be a wild ride. It’s understandable that you want to ditch the long commute, office politics, and expensive lunches. Running a business comes with its own set of challenges. Rake this advice from successful business owners to ensure your home based business is set up for success.

The first step is to get a business license and check with your local municipality that the type of business you’re seeking to open can be run out of your home.  A car repair shop or shoe repair shop most likely won’t fall within the zoning restrictions of a residential area. Once you have confirmation from the city that your business can be run out of your home, put together a business plan. If you don’t plan, you won’t succeed. A business plan is also a great exercise in looking at all the aspects, and costs of running your business. The first fundamental question to answer is: do you have a product or service that meets a market need? Are you able to deliver this product or service at a price that covers your costs and allows for a profit? How much capital do you need to start your business and what is the source of the capital?

Once these issues have successfully been answered, it’s time to launch your business. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from one of the great phone plans offered by Vonage.  Enlist the assistance of a friend and develop a basic, free website that describes your product or service and provides basic contact information. Securing a strong customer base is now your top priority. Referrals are your best source of clients.  Commit to providing excellent service and fulfilling all of your promises. An ethical business is a lasting business. Best of luck to you as you launch your home-based business.




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