Top Trending Mobile Games of 2017 So Far And What’s To Come

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Playing games on mobile have advanced at a far greater rate compared to most technologies that came before it. Every year, Android games seem to take on a new height. It will not take long before we see even more exciting game titles than we already have. Let’s have a look at the best Android games of 2017 that are already available:

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft is a popular game around the globe and is played by people of all ages. If you have never played it, Minecraft sets you in a giant world to mine, build things, and perhaps do whatever you wish. There is also a survival mode in which you have to mine your resources such as food and a creative mode in which you have unlimited everything. Regular updates have brought a lot of new content and potential. There are in-app purchases, which you can use to customize things like skin packs. The game will soon reach the level of its PC counterpart.


Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go came into the mobile gaming limelight and instantly became one of the best Android games. It is an improved reality game similar to Ingress, and you can walk around the real world, fight for Gyms, catch Pokemon, and hit up Pokestops to add more items. This game has beaten virtually every record in relatively short order. The game receives regular updates that add in new mechanics, limited-time events, and new Pokemon. This game has also changed quite a bit since the day it was released.

Rollercoaster Tycoon

Rollercoaster Tycoon is a mobile game version of the classic PC game from way back. It is among the few simulation games that are not packed with in-app purchases. This game lets you build amusement parks, where you have to design each park, set up shops, build a roller coaster, and to come up with strategies for bringing people in, keeping them happy, as they spend money.

Upcoming mobile games

Apart from the excellent games that are already in App stores, there are others that are yet to be released which one should check out. Here are some games that will be published to the market soon:


Release date: Early 2018

RuneScape is one of the best MMORPGs around. The game premiered to the gaming world way back in 2001, and is still going strong; in fact, the UK-based Jagex announced that it would bring both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape to iOS and Android.

While most mobile versions of PC games are nothing near their PC counterparts, Jagex is unleashing the full RuneScape game in the mobile and will go the extra mile to provide inter-platform play between PC and mobile, allowing you to synchronize and continue on your mobile from where you left off on PC. The Old School RuneScape will be released first in late 2017, and the standard RuneScape game will follow in early 2018.

The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile

Release date: Early 2018

EA has announced that The Sims will be coming to iOS and Android very soon and that it will be more like the PC and Mac game than it has ever been. EA says that players will have the capability of shaping their Sim’s families across multiple generations, just like in the PC variant. Also, when your Sims finish their career and retire, you are rewarded with Heirlooms that unlock more hobbies and careers for your future generation, which allows the new Sims to tell deeper stories. You will also be able to customize your characters and their house. There is also a social side to this game that allows gamers to connect with each other through specially hosted parties.

Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Legend of Zelda

Release date: Early 2018

After the triumph of Super Mario Run in 2017, Nintendo will bring back the insanely popular Legend of Zelda game to iOS and Android. While not much information has been released about the game at the moment, there are obstacles that the developers will face like easing the relatively complex controls of Zelda games to be more user-friendly on touch devices. This game will be released in early 2018 after the mobile version of Animal Crossing.


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