Top VR Trends To Lookout for in 2018

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As technology continues to advance, we are seeing some innovations that we wouldn’t have thought were possible 30 years ago. And the pace at which new inventions keep coming out is quicker than ever before. Now technology touches virtually all aspects of our existence.

One of the innovations that are definitely becoming a game-changer in almost all spheres of society is virtual reality (VR). Although VR isn’t really a new phenomenon, the truth is that until quite recently, we didn’t hear much about it except only when being portrayed in films. Now, the use of virtual reality has grown by leaps and bounds. In fact, in a few years it is expected to be a more than $100 million industry.

Today there is so much VR-related information that you can find a review of any VR equipment on the internet. Already we have seen some innovations that have had a huge impact on the gaming industry. To see some of the top VR innovations out there, continue reading here.

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Let us now look at the top VR trends to look out for in 2018:

1. VR in advertising

Today, there are many businesses that set aside funds for VR advertising in their marketing budgets as VR gains more mainstream adoption. The virtual reality ads that were used in an experiment by Google are signs of what is going to happen in the near future. In 2018, we should see a good number of VR adverts.

2. New VR innovations in gaming

The gaming industry has been the single largest consumer of VR so far, especially when used in home games consoles. Now, we are seeing a new trend where VR is widely used in physical escape rooms where players in a room can compete in a virtual game.

3. A rise in the number of VR developers

As any industry grows, it’s normal to see it generate considerable interest. In 2018, we should expect to see a steady growth of new talent in the VR industry and other related fields. Now developers will be expected to have VR skills to be able to keep up with the rise of the phenomenon.

4. Widespread use of VR products

As more players join the fray, the increased competition should lead to a reduction in the prices of VR products. This will lead to them becoming affordable to more people which will increase sales and spread their use among the masses.

5. A better VR experience

As more improvements take place, we should expect virtual reality to become even more real. Users will become more immersed in the experience as the images and sounds improve. Already, there are devices that have 360� audio which enables you to hear sound from every direction.

6. More senses

So far, the VR equipment in the market only allows us to use two senses, sight, and hearing. Imagine the sense of smell being added into the mix. Well, that’s not too far from becoming a reality. At a Gameshow in Tokyo not too long ago, there was the showcasing of a device that could emit smells to provide users with a sensual experience.

From the look of things, the VR train is on the move and there is no stopping it. Its acceptance in the mainstream is only going to spur its growth further. So we should expect more mind-boggling innovations in the near future.


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