Towel’s Are Now Thing Of A Past or For The Poor!

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Body Dryer

Tyler Overk brings us the Body Dryer, which is pretty close to what we might expect to have in the Jetsons’ world. You will never have to use a bath towel after a shower again. Talk about convenience, because this machine is able to dry a person in less than half a minute.

The Body Dryer is basically a bigger and more multipurpose version of the Dyson Air Blade hand dryer looks looks a lot like a bathroom scale. Creator, Tyler Overk is certain that this device will have a positive impact on the environment after having taken him almost two years to develop. Overk essentially started working on this project to solve hygiene issues and is hopeful that it will fulfill its purpose of creation, i.e. solving the issue of bacteria growth and multiplication on towels.

“We realized that there’s so many germs, so much bacteria that we’re reusing and putting back onto our bodies after we’ve cleaned ourselves from the shower or even coming out of the pool,” states Overk. “We came up with eliminating towels.”

Body Dryer

The Body Dryer essentially ejects “super ionized air” in the upward direction from the bottom source, at specifically set strategic angles, that drive the water droplets down off the user’s body. Overk claims that the Body Dryer is sure to lead to a healthier, safer and more hygienic lifestyle that we desperately need. It would also eliminate or at least reduce the need for washing towels repeatedly at gyms and pools etc.

There are a number of concerns that arose when the Body Dryer was introduced to the public. The foremost being that how much of drying is actually too much? People are doubtful about the safety with this device and if it will lead to undesirable and harmful levels of dryness. A lot of people are also not sure if this machine can dry a person’s hair. Even more importantly, how much voltage does it actually require?

Up till now, The Body Dryer’s indiegogo campaign has managed to be able to raise more than $37,000 out of its $50,000 target, keeping in mind that it still has about 28 more days to go. Even though we know for a fact that the funding started on April 1, we all really hope that this is not a hoax or an April fool’s joke. Because if it is one; Overk is in for a lot of trouble. The internet mob might explode on him and we do not mean that in a good way.

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