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Reakktor Studios debuted the trailer for their upcoming Arena-FPS, TOXIKK – Designed as a spiritual successor to the fast paced arena shooters of the late 90′s and early 2k’s.

The game is a “spiritual successor to the fast paced arena shooters – there is no leveling, no skill-trees, no perks, no cover systems, no classes, no configurable weapons and no iron sight aiming.”

It does feature “fast and precise movement (with deeply configurable mouse controls), double jumps, dodge jumps, booster pick-ups, nine iconic weapons to be carried around simultaneously, secondary fire modes for every weapon, vehicular game modes, jump pads, health-packs, lots of vertical gameplay, optional mutators (incl. instagib) and everything else that made these kind of games so addictive.

And if you want to practice your skills offline, TOXIKK also features a configurable BOT MODE.”

Check out the rest of the key features:

  • All players are equal:

After each death, you respawn with a melee weapon and a basic pistol. All other weapons are to be picked up while you play. Character customization is of cosmetic nature only.

However, unlike the shooter giants from the past, TOXIKK features an XP and a bounty system. The XP system and its associated ranks are used for reputation purposes, for our match-making algorithms and to unlock new skins, but they do NOT change the stats or the abilities of your character. Your rank will show other players how experienced and skilled YOU are (rather than showing the experience level of your game character).

  • It’s not Free-to-play:

We believe that “classic Arena-FPS” and “Free-to-Play” (F2P) don’t go well together. A true arena FPS requires all player characters to have equal stats and the availability of all weapons to everyone. Always! The skill of a player should be the only deciding factor about victory or defeat. Allowing players to buy different (i.e. better) weapons or to permanently boost their stats does totally contradict the idea of classic arena FPS gaming in our opinion.

  • Classic and Massive Maps:

CLASSIC MAPS offer very fast-paced gameplay in small to medium-sized maps for up to 8 players, while MASSIVE MAPS feature more strategic gameplay in bigger environments for up to 16 players. Vehicles (gliders, attack-bombers, hoverbikes and other ground vehicles) are exclusively available in Massive Maps.

  • User generated content:

All registered players can apply for a FREE SDK to build own maps, characters and skins etc. for TOXIKK. We will put up a web page as a central hub for user generated content on Players may vote user-generated content to be made available through this hub. All content on this hub will be offered free of charge. The whole process will be handled through our forums.

  • Exclusively designed for PC:

We believe that shooters are meant to be played with mouse and keyboard. That’s why TOXIKK is exclusively designed for PC. At this point, we do not intend to port the game to any other platform.

The game is developed by a self-financed indie studio Reakktor, the studio’s team members “brings at least a decade of experience in professional game development to the table and is dedicated to delivering a high quality experience.

Breaking free from publisher concerns and features requested by the marketing guys, we decided to create this game for one single reason: WE WANT TO PLAY IT!”

TOXIKK is scheduled to launch via Early Access in Q4/2014 exclusively for PC.

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