Toyota’s Insane New i-Road

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Toyota’s i-Road

On 2nd March, at Ecoful Town, Toyota City, we witnessed Japanese drivers trying out the new i-ROAD on public roads and experiencing what the future of transportation will look like. This event was a part of the future that Toyota has envisioned for urban transportation. i-ROAD will also be making appearance at Grenoble, France later in 2014. This demonstration will also be aimed at bringing this idea to public knowledge and let them get a feel of the future.

Toyota’s i-Road

This whole endeavor is basically a joint venture of Toyota Motor Corporation, city of Grenoble and Électricité de France (EDF) and others. We will be witnessing around 70 electric vehicles including the i-ROAD that shall be participating in this event and will be contributing towards a car-sharing project. i-ROAD is expected to be available both in Japan and Europe upon its debut (commercially) and it is being considered as a solution which is viable both in terms of environment and mobility.

Speaking of i-ROAD, it is a three-wheeled EV, which is capable of moving quite easily in narrow spaces while helping to reduce the congestion in traffic. Parking spaces required for i-ROAD shall be minimal and that will keep parking fees low as well. Since it is electric, emissions will be non-existent, thus providing us with a cleaner environment.  The traffic footprint will reduce dramatically while allowing for easier navigation and hence, traffic jams won’t be a problem anymore.

Toyota’s i-Road

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