Toyota’s Ultimate Utility Vehicle Is Fit For Apocalypse

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Toyota's Ultimate Utility Vehicle

Toyota pimped up this Sienna minivan and turned it into a weapon for apocalypse, It’s called the Ultimate Utility Vehicle (UUV) and, as you can see with its knobby tires and matte black paint scheme, by any means it is not an ordinary Sienna. It rides on a tough Tacoma pickup frame, which has been lifted and fitted with some 22-inch Monster off-road wheels.

Toyota's Ultimate Utility Vehicle

UUV is as fast as it is bad ass looking, Toyota also bolted up a Toyota Racing Development (TRD) supercharger to the V6 engine.  An LED light bar has been bolted to the roof, which lights the way forward as the UUV rolls over whatever the heck it wants. And though it seems super unlikely, should it get stuck, the UUV also features a winch underneath its armored front bumper.

Toyota's Ultimate Utility Vehicle


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