Track 1, All-Terrain Electric Rugged Skateboard

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All-Terrain Electric Rugged Skateboard

Check out this cool new all-terrain skateboard which is designed by Flux Design, Company is based in Seattle, United States and it took skateboarding game to a new level. They created this tank-track all-terrain electric skateboard which is called the Track 1. Watch the videos below for demonstration and more, launched via Kickstarter this week with pledges starting from $1,995 and delivery expected to take place during November 2018.

The designers of the extreme electric skateboard explain more about its inspiration, design and features

The TRACK1 was developed to give people the freedom to ride various terrain. We created the worlds first compact off-road capable vehicle, small enough to fit in the back seat of a car, powerful enough to shred up steep hills. The TRACK1 is designed to go where no board has gone before. The track-drive is the first of its kind, extraordinarily unique due to the traction of a tank combined with smooth handling. This is an all-season, all-terrain vehicle comparable to a personal ATV.

An off-road board needs good traction, but traditional off-road skateboard wheels are too small providing poor grip. One of the reasons tanks have tracks is because the ‘contact patch’ of a track is significantly larger than a wheel providing superior traction and pressure distribution. In fact the TRACK1 has the contact patch of a 30 inch wheel making it possible to traverse different types of terrains.Because this is an all-terrain board and is designed for numerous terrain types the Track1’s speed and range can vary significantly.

The riding experience of the TRACK1 is similar to a surfboard and snowboard, you lean with your whole body. Its fluid and responsive to a riders motions making for a fluid and enjoyable riding style. The tracks patented tire-like form factor ™ allows for deep carving angles giving a rider the feeling of turning on a bank, and because the board is driven from the rear a rider can use the thrust to intentionally over-steer making for a more dramatic turn… like drifting off-road. Thrust can also assists when riding out of hard turns.

For more information, a full list of all available pledges and full specifications jump over to the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.



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