How to Track Lost Android Phone

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Lost Android Phone

There is immense competition among developers for creating spy apps for android that can be installed in a smartphone and can be useful in times when the phone is misplaced, lost or god forbid, stolen. These apps enable the owner of the lost phone to track down their device using the android GPS tracker to track the last location of the phone. It is also used to wipe out the contents and data of the phone and remotely lock it in case of a security threat to the phone.

But usually people become aware of such apps only after they have lost their phone and it is too late to install the app in the device. But don’t lose hope just yet. If you haven’t had the foresightedness to install an android tracking app in your smartphone, there are a few other ways also which can help you retrieve back your lost phone. Log on to the site for in depth detail on the android tracking app.

Let us look at the methods in which you can get back your phone without an android phone tracker:

  1. Google’s Android device manager, the best Android Phone Tracker:

This is the official app from Google and an easy to use and effective app to track your lost android phone. The only requirement to use this android tracking app is that the lost device should be connected to Google services. What you only need to do is type the words where’s my android in the Google dialog box and Google starts the search for your device. in case if you use multiple devices and if all of them are registered on Google make sure to choose the right device from the drop down menu. Google locates the phone for you within minutes and you have the option to make the device ring on full volume for 5 minutes. Otherwise you can also remotely lock the phone and wipe out the contents of the device if you find a threat to the devices security. You can also access the android device manager through other smartphone. Here you will only have to download and install the Android Device Manager app and follow the same steps as above and very easily your android device will be back in your hands.

  1. Android lost app:

This is a little lengthy and twisted but a surefire way to get back your lost android phone. This app again requires that it stays connected to the Google services. Here, first of all you have to remotely download and install the android lost phone on your lost device. Once it is up and running, you will have to remotely activate the app by sending an sms at the device with the text ‘android lost register’. This sms registers the device with Google. After signing into Google you can use the app for all the regular features of a spy app for android.

  1. Timeline, Google’s official android GPS tracker:

Timeline can be used to locate your lost device even if it is switched off. The last location of the device is recorded by Google on your Timeline which could help give you a place to start looking for your device. Timeline uses Wi-Fi detections and ID’s of cell towers as an android GPS Tracker to locate and identify your phone.

The best thing to do is to install an android tracking device on your smartphone before it gets stolen. As you know, prevention is better than cure.


Spy apps for android are a must for any smartphone

In this modern and thieving world you never know when your precious mobile is taken away from you. you not only have to bear the loss of the phone moneywise but you also face the loss of data stored in it. It is highly recommended to search for a reliable app for tracking down your lost android before it actually gets lost.


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