Trailer: Log Into GEARS 5 And Get The “Batista Bomb” Execution For Free For a Limited Time

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Batista Bomb

Dave Bautista was added into the Gears 5 a while back as his WWE persona/ring name, Batista, taking form as a character skin for playable character Marcus Fenix. Bautista has shown interest in playing the role of the heroic protagonist in the upcoming Gears of War movie, so it is only perfect. Players can add to their “Batista Collection” with the “Batista Bomb” execution for absolutely free, by simply playing any mode in Gears 5 until April 20th.

You can check out the “Batista Bomb” execution trailer below.

Gears 5’s third Operation has just started, introducing a new game mode, and giving tons of in-game content for players to get. The game is also currently 50% as a part of Steam’s Xbox Game Studios Publisher Sale, and Xbox’s own Spring Savings Sale, If you don’t own it, now is the ideal time to buy this epic game.


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