TRAK Smart Finder with Selfie Remote

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TRAK Smart Finder with Selfie Remote

Never Lose Your Smartphone or Keys again with the TRAK Anti-Loss Keys & SmartPhone Finder w/ Selfie Remote Function. The Schatzii TRAK Smart Finder easily connects to your phone using Bluetooth, and will quickly and easily help you locate a lost phone or set of keys, or anything else you want found.  Simply download free mobile App on IOS or Android phones and your’re TRAK Smart Finder is ready to help you locate any lost items.  The easy setup on your phone makes using TRAK a snap, and will alerts you with audible beeps to help you find your keys or your mobile phone anywhere if you misplace them in your home, office or car, or anywhere else within bluetooth range.

TRAK also has a Selfie Remote button to easily enable you to remotely take pictures on your Smartphone while at a distance from your phone. It has a replaceable battery to provide you with long term use. The TRAK can be attached to anything you want to be easily found in case of loss or being misplaced including phones, keys, luggage, pets or anything else you want to keep track of within Bluetooth range.

Works on all phones including iPhones and all Samsung Galaxy models.

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