Transform Your Old Nokia Phone Into Smartwatch!

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Transform Your Old Nokia Phone Into Smartwatch!

Looking for something challenging this weekend? Check out this awesome DIY project which has taken an old Nokia 1100 phone and transformed it into a smartwatch. Yep, This is possible and it works great.

Have an old cell phone laying around? Don’t know what to do with it? What if I told you that you could turn that old cell phone into a smartwatch!?! Watch to find out how! What I’d like to do for this crazy/ambitions project is turn an old cell phone into a smartwatch. So obviously an old cell phone is required. The primary reason for this project is simply that I had an old cell phone laying around and wanted to find a creative way to repurpose it.

The one I had is a Nokia 1100, but most other old cell phones would work, so long as you can find the schematics for the LCD online. Taking apart the 1100, there weren’t too many scavenge-able parts to choose from. First and foremost, there was the LCD screen, then I was also able to extract a vibrating motor, a small speaker, as well as a protective cover for the LCD. What you’re able to scavenge really depends on what type of phone you have, and how old it is. The older the phone, the more scavenge-able parts you will find.



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