Translucent PS4 Pro Unboxing Video is Here!

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Translucent PS4 Pro

Sony released home-console line back in 1994 and since then a staple in the homes of most gamers. Now, 24 years later Sony unveiled a translucent PS4 Pro to celebrate the 500 million PlayStation consoles sold.

Translucent PlayStation 4 Pro sports a 2TB internal hard drive and is listed to go on sale on August 24, 2018. The new gaming machine is priced at $499.99, and there will only be 500,000 units available. Design-wise, the system is integrated into a blue translucent casing that lets players see the inner workings of the PS4 Pro. Further, a commemorative copper plate is placed in front, fixed with a unique limited edition number.

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Translucent PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro will also come with a cool matching DualShock 500 Million Limited Edition controller, you can also buy it separately for $64.99. Also, the 500 Million Limited Edition will include a PlayStation Camera, Vertical Stand, and mono headset. So it is a quite cool machine to buy. Check out the unboxing video below.


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