Trendy Gadgets, Apps and Websites To Help You Study Better in 2018

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There was once a time – and not so long ago – that being a student meant lugging around vast piles of books from place to place, and being able to do little more than spend hour after hour in the library. Even a decade or so ago, the prevalence of laptops was still relatively scarce, and if you needed to get online to research obscure quotes for your academic writing, you’d have to queue for a free library computer. To say that things have moved on quickly would be the understatement of the year; today’s students have a wealth of tech at their disposal, not only making their university life more enjoyable, but also making their studies far more efficient and effective, too.

But which pieces of tech, and which apps, gadgets and websites should no contemporary student be without? We’ve taken a look at the latest and greatest technological advances which have university students in mind, and have compiled them in one handy list for you to look through. Remember; more efficient studying means more time to chill out and party… so do all you can to grasp the opportunities these gadgets offer with both hands!



The internet continues to expand at a staggering rate, and it comes as no surprise that university students are brilliantly catered for by the web nowadays. Let’s take a look at our favorite student-friendly websites.


Finding your academic writing a bit too much to deal with? Need more free time for other commitments? Then EssayPro could become your new best friend. This site puts you in touch with highly skilled essay writers for hire, who can turn around everything from essays to coursework, theses, and Ph.D. dissertations with ease.


No doubt you’ve heard about Reddit… but UReddit takes the concept further and is a fantastic resource for modern students. Essentially, this is a platform designed to host lessons, courses, and educational programs created by a network of ordinary people, seeking to share their skills and expertise. On this site, you can find everything from language courses to PHP programming, scientific principles explained, and advanced mathematics made easy.


An entire library of copyright-free texts, is the perfect way to do extensive studying in the comfort of your own room. Perfect for slightly more obscure books and passages, this site packs in 45,000 texts!



Where would we be without our smartphones? No student in their right mind nowadays would set out to study without a fully stocked arsenal of apps on their devices. But which are the most effective for enriching the mind and hitting the top grades?

  • StayFocused

Whoever came up with the idea of StayFocused is nothing short of a genius. It tackles head-on the biggest threat a student faces – procrastination – and removes the distractions of modern social living with nothing more than the push of a button. Essentially, StayFocused is an app that allows you to block out distracting sites like Facebook and Instagram for your chosen length of time. The result? No more scrolling through photos of your classmates’ breakfasts, and essays completed and handed in on time.

  • EasyBib

If there’s one thing most students can’t stand doing, it’s researching and typing up citations. EasyBib makes this an absolute breeze – all you have to do is scan the barcode of a book, and the citation is provided for you in a flash. Making bibliographies a piece of cake, and reducing the potential for plagiarism investigations, this is an app most older students would wish they’d had access to back in their university days!

  • SoundNote

Recording lectures is nothing new, but in the past, it required having to shell out for expensive recording equipment. SoundNote is probably the best of the latest slew of recording apps, designed specifically for capturing lectures. With a quality notepad featured as part of the app itself, it also allows you to scribble down your thoughts or highlight key points, too.

Amazon Echo Dot


Everyone loves a good gadget, and the technology available to students today is seriously impressive. Designed to make life that little bit simpler, and your studies a whole lot more efficient, these gadgets can really transform the day to day realities of being a student in the 21st century!

  • Amazon Echo Dot

A more affordable option than the classic Echo model, this voice-activated assistant is a godsend for students. Not only can in order in your favorite takeaway food, or call up an Uber to take you to the hottest gigs and club nights, it’s also ideal for quickly calling up facts, solving mathematical problems, and researching which books you need for the semester.

  • Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

The latest run of Bluetooth keyboards from Microsoft is fantastically functional and highly affordable gadgets that all students could benefit from. It’s a universal gadget, meaning you can link it up to almost any device. What’s more, it’s compact enough to fold and fit in your pocket – perfect for working on your academic essays while waiting for a friend at the pub.

  • Anker Power Bank Astro E1 Battery

This affordable power pack really could make a massive difference to your university years. Is there anything worse than sitting in a lecture and finding your smartphone has died before you’ve taken all the notes you need? Ever been out in the town, trying to meet your study group, only to see your 1% battery life finally give up on you? This mighty little power bank makes all those worries – and more besides – a thing of the past. Genius!

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