Trendy Hashtag Light by Vintage Marquee Lights

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Hashtag Light

Great for weddings, restaurants, bars, events, home decor, or even photo/set props.These Vintage Marquee Lights are what the “Pickers” dream of finding! The are carefully crafted from rusty metal to make them look authentic and antique.

Artificial wear and tear is created on each letter and wear will differ from sign to sign. Color will also vary due to naturally occurring rust.Due to the rust, inside packaging can become dusty during transit. Open with care. Once open, shake dust off. -24″ tall, 4″ deep (arrow 36″ tall)-hanging bracket on back for easy wall installation-hanging bracket on back for easy wall installation-new UL Approved wiring, plugs, sockets and C9 bulbs included-5 spare bulbs per sign also included incase of breakage during shipping-plug into standard outlet-link 3-4 signs together on 1 plug-indoor/outdoor use


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