TRIO is The Dual and Triple Screen Laptop Monitors

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Triple Screen Laptop Monitors

Mobile Pixels has designed an easy way to enlarge the screen of your laptop system thanks to their new TRIO dual and triple screen laptop monitors. Watch the demo video below to know more about the sleek, lightweight monitors that can be easily used to add extra workspace to your laptop screen.

TRIO Features

“TRIO is an upgraded plug-and-play solution for a multiple monitor setup while you’re on the go. You can opt for a dual screen to the left or right of your laptop monitor, or clip two TRIOs together for a triple screen viewing experience. The possibilities are endless”.

The most advanced design builds on the company’s previous products and provides a full 270-degree rotation, allowing you to choose your best viewing angle for any situation. “When using two TRIO’s, rotate them 180° to fold them into a triangle for presentation mode”.


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