Trustly: Is it a Future of Gaming Payments?

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The payment methods are bundled with the iGaming industry since they allow both the operators and the players to move and receive money. Trustly is one of the online payment options that has expanded in the USA and Western Europe. 

Formerly known as InstantBank, the company was released in 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden. This mode of payment enables the gamblers to make speed deposits and withdrawals from their online bank and today, Trustly has partnered with the leading financial services including Western Union and PayPal. 

In 2016, Trustly recorded monthly purchases of one million meaning that this option has attracted many customers. Since Trustly is the favorite payment solution of more than 25 countries, is it a future of gaming payments?


How does Trustly Work?

Trustly is a solution that only requires your online BankID and you can transfer your money instantly. Actually, when a player or someone wants to deposit and chooses Trustly, he just uses his mobile phone. One thing to be noted is that Trustly won’t require you to open an account. Therefore, you don’t need to spend your time registering at Trusty service. 

To deposit, first of all, check if the online casino supports Trustly payment. If it does, you will see a form with a list of banks. Check also if your bank is eligible for use with Trustly. Then, choose your bank and the amount of money you want to deposit. Once you fill the form, Trustly asks you to provide your bank account login credentials. 

Once Trustly finishes verifying them, you will see the funds appear on your dashboard. You are now able to make payment via the Trustly method directly to your account. As for the transaction fees, mind that Trustly charges no fees which is one of the benefits of choosing this payment system. However, your casino may charge you additional transaction fees. Another important thing that the player should do before depositing is to choose the best casino to ensure maximum protection against fraud.


Benefits of Using Trustly

  • Trustly ensures the user’s safety and security. The main worry of the customers is the fraud risks when they opt for online payment. How can they be sure if the payment method they choose is safe? Trustly, as its name suggests, it uses a solid layer of security against frauds. In fact, the company is regulated by the Swedish regulator FSA (Financial Supervisory Authority). Apart from that, your bank account login details will never be saved in the casino site or Trustly’s system. With 3-D secure authentication, the players can play safely on their preferred gambling sites.
  • The transaction process is quick and convenient. Another advantage of choosing Trustly is the fast transaction process at your convenience. Since Trustly accepts payments in various currencies, you can transfer money with your national currency. In addition, as Trustly is also adapted on mobile devices, the gamblers just use their phones to reach their chosen online and to move funds. Finally, since the players are not required to supply their credit cards and bank account details, they won’t experience any difficulties when they make deposits. The only thing that they need to do is to pick the best gambling sites for quick cashout in the United Kingdom, New Zealand or Canada and press a few buttons to make a payment. The transaction will take only a few minutes.
  • No transaction fees. As already mentioned, Trustly is available in many countries so it is compatible with different currencies. Thus, you can use this option with your bank. Moreover, you won’t be charged with transaction fees when choosing Trustly as deposit and withdrawal options. Nevertheless, the additional fees may be charged by the gambling site or your bank. Hence, it is necessary to read the casino’s terms and conditions before choosing it.


Final Words

With the rapid growth of online payment methods, Trustly has utilized new policies and innovations to facilitate the customers’ payment process. This Swedish firm is considered to be among the best providers of instant payment thanks to its high level of safety. 

Many banks have worked with Trustly as it offers simplicity to the customers. It is also the case of the gaming industry that accepts this mode of payment to facilitate the way they move funds. Today, many big names on gambling have already collaborated with Trustly since it is straightforward, honest, and completely free. That is the reason this payment system is the future of gaming payments.

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