Turbine-Powered Electric Big Rig Looks Brilliant

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Nikola one

Nikola Motor Company just announced its first two products today. First is a utilitarian four-wheeler called the Nikola Zero with a claimed range of 125 miles and Nikola One, which is the most futuristic and awesome looking of the lot.

Nikola One looks awesome. The claimed specs sound like science fiction: it uses a turbine to keep the 320 kWh battery pack charged, offering 1,200 miles of range between fill-ups. Buyers can choose between multiple versions that use different turbine fuels, and the interior has a giant, Tesla-like touchscreen in the center to control various functions.

Nikola Zero

What you need to know is that this truck looks like the front end of a futuristic cargo pod, which is more than I can say for any truck that’s on the road today. The wraparound windshield alone makes it great.

They don’t exist as yet and like all things super cool they are just prototype. All Nikola really did was announce renders of the Zero and One today, both of which can be reserved on the company’s website for $750 and $1,500, respectively. The Zero will cost $42,000, while the One will retail for $375,000. If they ever actually come to market, that is — the road to making EVs is long and filled with failures.


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