TURBO SLEUTH You Need to Think Fast to Solve the Mystery

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Turbo Sleuth

WizKids has revealed a new fast puzzle-solving game from Daniel Lee Yingjie called Turbo Sleuth. In the game, 2-8 players will play to solve one of five mysteries with outcomes that will change based on the cards you have in hand. You’ll need to fast though since only the first few people who answer round one will be able to score points in round two. Seems a bit confusing but I’m sure it will be challenging and fun once you get the hang of it.

A murder most foul has been committed! Was it Old Miser McGreedy’s wastrel of a son? The suspicious maid? The business partner? The oddly nonchalant butler?

Turbo Sleuth is available to pre-order now and is set to release in August.

Each round of a Basic game of Turbo Sleuth consists of 2 phases: Analysis, and Solution. During the Analysis phase, players will compete simultaneously to find the Suspect and the Weapon among 3 Clue cards placed in the center of the table and use their Answer cards to connect the Suspect and the Weapon that was used. After they connect a Suspect and Weapon, a player will grab one of the Score tokens. The Analysis phase ends when all Score tokens have been taken.

Next, the Solution phase occurs, and players will determine the solution to the case by using the Solution key to match the cards used during the round to the correct answer. Only players holding a Score token can score points for solving the case, so a quick and keen eye is imperative if you want to be the winning Sleuth! The game also features an Advanced mode, which incorporates additional objectives like finding Witnesses, Missing Evidence, Alibis, and more!

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