Turn Your Xbox Series S Portable With The xScreen

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This new device is created by a company called UPspec Gaming, it’s called the xScreen, and it turns your Xbox Series S into a portable gaming console. Now, the Series S is so light that it may as well be considered a portable gaming console anyway but there is on this missing which is a screen. The screen is an external screen that connects to the back of the Xbox and snaps into place using some clips.

It’s great to see Series S getting some appreciation by being given this special treatment. It’s an original design and can be very useful if you want to play on the go.

Here’s a list of the xScreen’s features:

  • Unique patent-pending attachment system with integrated power and HDMI connections. No additional cables required other than the original cable to power the Xbox.

  • Access to pass-through power and storage expansion slot for the Xbox Series S.

  • The 11.6” 1080p 60hz IPS screen is sized to fit the Xbox Series S when closed.

  • Integrated stereo speakers and controls for volume, brightness, and screen settings.

  • Laptop form factor when closed for protection and easy transport.

  • Stand out from the crowd with a personal touch, different color attachment latches available.

  • Lightweight for transport, only 695g (24.5oz).

The xScreen is for now on its second-tier for reservations as it is still in the making. Earlybird tier #1 was available for $159 but has totally sold out of its 200 units! Earlybird Tier #2 is currently on reserve right now for only $189 which is still a saving when you compare it to the $249 retail price when it release.

UPspec plans to start on Kickstarter next week and plans to reveal even more packages when the campaign launches. You can also follow UPspec on Twitter to watch as the process continues.

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