Turtle Highway Under Train Tracks In Japan

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The West Japan Railway Company recently joined forces with the Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe, Japan, to implement a highway under railtracks for the safe passage for little baby turtles. Stuck turtles create a hazard, not only to themselves, but also can cause dangerous situations for the humans on the train. The turtles can also cause damage to the railways and the trains. To remedy the situation, the partnership created tiny channels that run under the tracks and are terrapin, human and train-friendly, which was was put to use on April 10, 2015 after experimentation proved helpful.

(translated) A turtle was put into a U-shaped groove, a method for safely securing the animal. Turtle rescue equipment was installed in April this year and because it helped 10 turtles in April-August, perhaps it will be considered to have avoided 10 accidents to the railroad.

So far, the system has save 10 turtles. Win for everyone.


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