Twilight Path Will Be Released on PlayStation VR Next Month

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Twilight Path

Alan Jernigan Studio Director at Charm Games has revealed on the official PlayStation blog that next month Twilight Path will be launching on the PlayStation VR. Providing players with an awesome fantasy world that you can explore throughout the puzzle adventure. The game looks amazing and you can check out the announcement trailer below.

“No adventure would be complete without puzzles to solve, and throughout Twilight Path you’ll find obstacles in the way of you and your newfound friends. We’ve built off of our experience from our award-winning previous game FORM, using the beautiful setting to create puzzles that are deeply grounded in their surroundings.”

“Twilight Path was inspired by beautiful fantasy and adventure movies from our childhoods in the 80s and 90s, a time when innovative special effects created new ways to bring classic tales to life on screen. The wonder of these films is that they transported us to beautiful, magical worlds, completely unlike real life.

Our small but capable Vancouver-based team, led by our Creative Director Derek Young, wanted to use the modern magic of VR to create our own impossible world, a first-person interactive fairytale, and fill it with characters and stories you can not only watch but co-exist with.”

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