Twitch V Youtube: The Popularity Of Live-Stream Gaming

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In today’s society, there are many types of live videos that people choose to share online. From filming live events to filming chatty sit-down videos, live streaming has fast become popular over the last decade. One of the many uses of live stream video is through filming online playthroughs of popular video games.

Live stream gaming can help viewers see your side of the experience and your gameplay while you play against others online. Playthroughs have fast become popular videos to watch online by many different gaming enthusiasts. Thousands and even millions of online users can tune in to watch gaming professionals and enthusiasts play some of their favorite games online.


Which types of live streaming can users watch?

Over the years, live stream gaming has become widely popular, especially with gaming experts trying to show off their skills. Some of the most popular games that people watched online in 2019 were Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota 2, GTA V, and many more. Users can watch their favorite gamers play solo, work in multiplayer teams, and come up with gaming strategies to beat their opposition.

Currently, Twitch is the most popular platform used by many gamers to live stream their gaming experience. However, there is also some stiff competition from other platforms too such as YouTube. Recently, gamers started using YouTube to live stream PUBG because of its widespread popularity. Live stream gaming has also started to become popular for gaming tournaments such as eSports.

Many fans tune into their favourite tournaments online or even participate in esports betting at websites like where they can back some of their favourite competitions such as the Counter-Strike: GO DAT Team Cup. No matter the platform, thousands of viewers tune in weekly, or even daily, to watch some exciting playthroughs being live-streamed across the internet.



Twitch is currently the world’s leading live streaming platform. There are many live channels or categories that you can check out to see who is playing your favorite games. Whether you are interested in World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Fifa20, or Dead by Daylight, there are plenty of live streams that you can join to watch some great gaming action. From action and adventure games, racing games, and flight simulator games, there is a wide variety of videos that you can choose to watch.

If you want to get into live-streaming yourself and want a wider audience for your channel, one of the best platforms to use is Twitch. As the biggest streaming platform in the world, millions now tune in to watch not only gaming live streams but also videos on music, sports, food & drink, or just general chatty videos.



Another popular channel where you can watch live stream videos is Youtube. YouTube’s gaming channel currently has over 83.3m subscribers and has a variety of top live games and live streams that users can explore. Just like Twitch, users can head over to YouTube and watch popular live games such as League of Legends, Minecraft, and PUBG.

 Whether you play games as a hobby or as a profession, being a streamer can help you interact with others online and help you become involved in the online gaming community. To help let others know when and what you’re streaming on Youtube, it’s also useful to keep a schedule and promote yourself on social media so that you can let your viewers know when you are going to be next to live online.

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