Twitter Blue Will Cost You More On iPhone

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Elon Musk earlier criticized Apple and their 30% fee for selling apps and subscriptions through the App store and now Twitter Blue will have different costs on the iPhone.

Earlier Musk Said that Twitter Blue would cost users $8 a month and this price is still right if you sign up for it through the Twitter website.

If you sign up for Twitter Blue on the iPhone, then it will apparently cost you more for the subscription, the Information has revealed that Twitter is planning to charge $11 a month through the iPhone.

The new Twitter Blue service will be relaunching soon, there are suggestions that it may release today, although this has yet to be confirmed.

It was originally released but then had to be pulled as there was a scope of problems with the subscription service which offers people a blue tick on the platform for a monthly fee.

You can see the original tweet from Musk below, which claimed that it was a secret tax, but the tax is not secret as everyone knows about it and Apple announced it when they launched their app store.

Source: The Information

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