Two Grannies And One Expensive Lamborghini See What Happens Next

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Two grandmas, Peggy and Audrey they got to drive the $200,000 Lamborghini and cruise through the bustling city streets, The two can’t stop cracking jokes as they try to figure where the heck the trunk in this thing is. They tease passersby who can’t help but stare at the unusual sight of two silver-haired women in the flashy car.

Peggy encourages Audrey to flirt with onlookers, especially when one gentlemen asks if there is “room for him” in the vehicle. These grandmas have still got it and they’ve got in spades! It’s no wonder people can’t stop watching these two best buds do something as simple as go out for a drive. This duo is hilarious as hell and they should have their own reality show.

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