Two New Multiplayer Games Announced For PlayStation VR2

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Altair Breaker

The PlayStation VR2 is offering some amazing new VR experiences and could potentially change the genre of gaming as we know it. With the hype building up for this great new piece of tech, games that use the hardware were bound to start popping up. Such is the case with these two new titles developed for the PlayStation VR2 hardware.

From developers Thirdverse, two new VR games have been revealed that take complete advantage of the new tech. The first game is Altair Breaker, is a VR multiplayer sword-fighting action game that aims to take control of VR2’s actual aiming and maneuverability. The brilliant part of Altair Breaker is that it’s a multiplayer game with up to 4 players and is compatible with some o the VR2’s most cutting-edge features like foveate rendering with eye tracking and headset feedback.

We also get a look at a second game X8. X8 is a VR tactical shooter that involves different heroes from numerous shooting game franchises coming together across space and time to battle one another. If anyone wanted Overwatch in VR, this is it. The hero shooter genre hasn’t been tackled in this way before and it’s really thrilling to see what it has to offer.

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