Two New Nintendo Switch Models are Coming

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Nintendo Switch

The Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo will announce the new consoles soon, not one but two new versions of the Nintendo Switch at this year’s E3. The report says that one of the new models would be a cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch while the second new model would be more powerful than the original.

The lower-end version is said to do away with some features such as the vibrating controllers. This report says that this model wouldn’t have detachable joy-con and be more of a portable-first model to serve as a replacement of the Nintendo 3DS.

According to one source:

The higher end model is the one that many are interested in. It is not uncommon for video game consoles to get updated versions after a few years, but what could that mean for the Nintendo Switch? It apparently means a stronger GPU chip and I hope a higher storage capacity built-in. Will this lead to a mixture of new games that need the new model like what appeared with the New 3DS? A Source told the WSJ.


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