Two Teaser Trailers Of For Honor Season 4

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For Honor Season 4

Check out these two incredible trailers which have been released this week and they are giving you a glimpse of what to expect from For Honor Season 4 content and updates. Check out the videos below to see what is coming your way in Season 4 of the game.

For Honor provides gamers to play either solo or in 2-players co-op online, For Honor’s story campaign is a story of warriors that will absorb players into the world of For Honor and rush them into the raging war between Knights, Vikings, and Samurais.

Enter the chaos of war as a bold Knight, brutal Viking, or deadly Samurai, three of the greatest warriors of legend. In For Honor, wield your blade like never before with the innovative Art of Battle combat system that puts you in total control of your warrior. Master the sword, and fight in brutal, fast-paced melee combat across an engaging story campaign and groundbreaking multiplayer modes. Embodying the greatest warriors in each faction, players will live, from the inside, the events of a crucial moment in that age-old war. Confronted by manipulation and treason, they will need to use all their wits and skills to ensure the survival of their people and foil the plans of the merciless and bloodthirsty warlord, Apollyon. Storming castles and fortresses, turning the tide of massive battles, and confronting deadly bosses in intense duels, they will become heroes of legend, symbols and models of their warrior legacies.


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