Ubisoft Accidentally Leaks The Division: Heartland

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Division Heartland

Ubisoft is working on The Division: Heartland as a battle royale offering, special little has been revealed about the game so far. Most of the information that’s been available about Heartland consists of unsubstantiated rumors and leaks, with few tangible tidbits of details to go on, though that may soon be changing.

Ubisoft may have inadvertently leaked some information about The Division: Heartland ahead of time by putting up its official store page earlier than intended. The store page has since been taken back down, though it seems to remain partially accessible in some instances and may offer interested players a look at what to expect out of the upcoming Division battle royale.

This detail was brought to light by Twitter user Unknown1Z1, who posted some footage of the leaked The Division: Heartland store page. While Ubisoft seems to have taken the page down following its discovery, it is still possible to open it up by searching for the game via Google Image Search and locating the official links that way. Broadly speaking, the page confirms a variety of rumors surrounding The Division: Heartland, though none of it is necessary information.

The store page confirms the earlier Storm Mode leak for The Division: Heartland, describing a special PvPvE operation against an aggressive faction of rogue Division agents, the so-called Vultures. Alongside the Vultures, players will also need to contend with surviving a lethal virus, adding a new twist to the experience. Notably, the page also mentions Excursion Operations, which seem to be dedicated PvE missions where players “prep the battlefield” in some way, possibly by collecting high-end gear for their Storm matches.

While some fans of the franchise may have hoped to see the long-awaited Tom Clancy’s The Division 3 in the near future, this doesn’t seem to be occurring anytime soon, especially now that Ubisoft’s own materials have confirmed that there’s a potentially major PvE element present in Heartland. The specifics are still unclear, of course, but it’s entirely possible that Heartland will be closer to a classic Division game than some would’ve expected it to be, which is a good thing for fans in the short term.

Alongside Heartland, Ubisoft is also working on The Division: Resurgence mobile game, which seems to be doing its own thing in most respects and should be coming to both Android and iOS phones in the relatively near future. Since Heartland‘s store page has popped up, it’s possible that Ubisoft is getting ready to reveal more information about the game via official channels, but whether that ends up being the case remains to be seen.

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