Ubisoft Announces THE SETTLERS Will Release This March

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Ubisoft has announced a reboot of their famous real-time strategy (RTS) series with The Settlers, based on The Settlers III and IV. The series is about settling new lands, collecting resources, and recruiting units to develop and defend the new settlement. While the original series held enormous appeal for its time, this new take on the series looks to enhance the hit gaming experience.

It is created from the ground up using Ubisoft’s proprietary Snowdrop Engine, The Settlers is expected to be the new visual benchmark for the RTS genre. Players of the original franchise, as well as, newcomers will be able to settle in lush and colorful biomes, with fully modernized gameplay. On release, you can expect to play this game in 3 different modes; a single-player campaign, skirmish (solo vs AI, co-op vs AI, or PvP with up to eight players), and the all-new Onslaught mode. Onslaught will have players playing the skirmish maps solo, but with thrilling and challenging conditions to test even the most advanced Settlers players.

The Settlers see the Elari (one in-game faction) running from their homeland for new and strange shores. These new settlers must meet and recruit other citizens and face some difficult challenges along the way. We can only wait to see how the story develops. The game will feature three playable factions at release, each with a distinctive look, playstyle, and background stories.

Register for the closed beta at the official Settlers website, which will start on January 20th on both Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store. The closed beta will commence between January 20-24, with the pre-load available on the 18th. The beta will feature a tutorial, two playable factions, and 1v1/2v2 skirmish modes.

The Settlers will release on Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store on March 17th.

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