Ubisoft Unveiled A New Look in 30 Minutes of Skull & Bones Gameplay

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Skull & Bones

Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones announced earlier this week that the game had been delayed once again, but now we’ve also been treated to 30 minutes of footage.

The gameplay devstream below is committed to “Narrative Gameplay”, with commentary from Skull & Bones Narrative Director Joel Janisse and Senior Community Developer Alexis Cretton. It’s incredible to see so much raw footage being revealed by the team, but we’re also very eager to get hands-on for ourselves now!

So, when can we expect a release? Nothing has been verified at the time of writing, although the Skull & Bones team confirmed earlier this week that the game was being delayed “a little more” in order to provide further polish and balancing revisions based on feedback from earlier tests. There are apparently more test phases to come, so we’re thinking the release date will be at least a few months away.

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