Umbrella Corps Trailer With Iconic Resident Evil 2 Locations

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Umbrella Corps

Capcom added two new maps and revealed the details on Upgrade Pack for their upcoming multiplayer-based survival horror shooter, Umbrella Corps.

The new maps “offer a spin on familiar locales from the classic Resident Evil games and will be featured in multiplayer modes as well as The Experiment single-player mode.”

The Raccoon City map “features wide-open city streets contrasted against a claustrophobic maze-like sewer system underneath.

Players can take cover behind vehicles above ground while cutting a path through the underground could prove to be advantageous.

The Police Station map is scattered with makeshift barricades throughout the halls but the overall lack of hiding places will maximize the frequent close-quarter encounters.

Using available cover effectively and utilizing the Tactical Shield for added protection will be the key to survival here.”

The Upgrade Pack features a collection of iconic Resident Evil character skins, weapons, patches, custom colors, and emotes. This includes masks for Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Leon S. Kennedy, Barry Burton, and Jake Muller as well as a HUNK set with a helmet, mask, and outfit.

The Upgrade Pack is available as an add-on for $14.99/ €14.99 / £11.99. The Deluxe Edition includes both the game and the Upgrade Pack contents together at a discounted cost of $39.99/ €39.99 / £32.99.

You can pre-order the game via PlayStation Store and Steam, pre-orders will include “Fashion Victim Pack,” which adds flashy color options for armor and weapons.

PlayStation 4 pre-orders for both the standard or Deluxe Edition will also include an Umbrella Corps dynamic custom theme.

Umbrella Corps will launch as a digital download for $29.99 on June 21, 2016, for PC and PlayStation 4.

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