Unboxing Video of the ‘Carbon Black’ Xbox Series S Which Is Out Today

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Unboxing Video of the 'Carbon Black' Xbox Series S

Believe it or not, a highly anticipated new model of the Xbox Series S is hitting the market today! Microsoft’s latest offering, the 1TB Carbon Black Series S console, is finally making its way to store shelves, and as it becomes available to the public, we’re treated to some captivating real-life images of this sleek gaming system.

While Microsoft’s initial announcement images had already piqued our interest, seeing the Carbon Black Xbox Series S in person reveals an even more impressive and stylish design. Here, we present a collection of high-quality images showcasing the new console’s sleek aesthetic:

Launching on September 1st with a price tag of £299 / $349, this marks Xbox’s first significant console revision of the current generation, arriving almost three years after the initial release of the Xbox Series X and S models. It’s important to note that there are no substantial changes under the hood with this release; it primarily features a simple SSD size upgrade and a fresh, minimalist, all-black appearance.

However, don’t underestimate the impact of this SSD upgrade. It’s poised to make a substantial difference in the overall usability of the Xbox Series S right out of the box, especially when you consider that the white version of the console offers less than 400GB of usable storage. In summary, another exciting addition to the Xbox lineup is now officially available to gamers everywhere!

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