Uncharted 4 Is Getting A Co-Op Horde Mode in December

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Uncharted 4 survival

Uncharted 4‘s co-op multiplayer survival mode is coming in mid-December, Nathan Drake and friends will be put up against the 50 waves of enemies from merc fodder to flaming pirates. Developers are keeping their word about putting the co-op game mode back into the game.

Visitors to next week’s PlayStation Experience event will be the first to try their hands at Uncharted 4: Survival, in which up to three players attempt to outlive a series of increasingly difficult foes. Players will complete the different objectives and up their arsenal, bracing themselves for a boss battle every ten levels. Completing objectives earns in-game cash that can be used to obtain powerful new weapons.

Uncharted 4: Survival is a whole new branch of the Uncharted 4 experience, with its own progression system. It will be released in mid December so be prepared for it.


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