Uncharted 4’s E3 Demo is Brilliant

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Uncharted 4

Nathan and Sully find themselves shooting their way through a market as all hell breaks lose in the new footage from Uncharted 4. Take a look at the most glorious graphics in the video below and be mesmerized.

A list of impressive things shown off during the demo:

  • A TON of destructible terrain and environment. At one point, Nathan hides behind bags of flour—and they deflate as enemies shoot them. Throughout the rest of the demo, Nathan’s car crashes into all sorts of stuff, and it all seems to dynamically react to the impact. The market also has a ton of knick nacks that go flying when shot. Bonus: the bigger the weapon, the more destruction it causes.
  • The sheer number/density of people the game can show. Every single person appears to be doing something, too, making the (very lush) world seem lived-in.
  • When you shoot enemies, they seem to react to the specific area you shot them in.
  • The setpieces still seem meticulously designed, and give a good sense of ADVENTURE.
  • Enemies seem smarter, and will team up on you.


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