Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Puzzle Solutions Are Here!

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy comes with some challenging puzzles. See the answers to each of them below. Some of these puzzles (like the shadow puzzle) can be solved in various ways. We’ve tried to give the simplest solution.

If you’ve found a faster or smarter way to solve a puzzle, and tips for your solution to this page do let us know in the comments below.


When you are in the Axe fortress, Chloe and Nadine face three jumping puzzles. Make a wrong move and Chloe is knocked off the pillar. The key is to make sure the statues swing their weapons when you’re out of the way. That way you can safely pass in front of them while they’re winding up.

Here’s the path for the first jumping puzzle:

Forward, forward, right, left, forward, back, forward, left, forward, forward.

And then for the second jumping puzzle:

Forward, right, left, forward, left, forward, left, right, forward, forward.

And the solution for the third and final jumping puzzle:

Forward, forward, right, left, right, right, forward, right, forward, right, forward, left, left, right, forward, left, forward.


Chloe needs to lineup the shadows with the images on the walls. On the left is Shiva, the ax, and Parashurama. On the right is Parashurama, Ganesh’s severed tusk, and Ganesh.

The 3×3 grid has four pieces on it that you must align properly in order to open the door. The distance from the wall is equally as important as the subject’s placement. Use the images below to solve the puzzle in eight simple steps.

The two black bears in the images below indicate the positions of the two images on the wall. The letters stand for the pieces on the board:

  • S = Shiva
  • P = Parashurama
  • G = Ganesh
  • A = Axe/Tusk


Move 1: From the starting position, you want to move the Ganesh piece toward the Axe using the lever close to the painting that depicts Ganesh’s tusk being cut off.


Move 2 and 3: Push the Axe piece toward the Shiva piece using the lever closer to the entrance on the right. Then, push both the Axe and Parashurama pieces toward the tusk chopping painting by using the middle lever on the left side nearest the entrance to the room.


Move 4 and 5: Push the Parashurama piece down away from the axe gifting painting so that it’s next to Ganesh. Then, push the Ganesh and Parashurama pieces toward the entrance corner with the bottom lever by the tusk chopping painting.


Move 6 and 7: Push the Shiva piece toward Ganesh. Then, push the Ganesh and Parashurama pieces to the right back toward the tusk chopping painting.

Move 8: For the final move, push the Parashurama piece back toward the axe gifting painting to complete the puzzle.


After Chloe turns the disk in the podium, activate the puzzle parts by pulling the two levers that appear on either side of the door. Doing so opens a third panel above the door. Go back to the disk and you’ll be able to rotate the puzzle.

Unlike the fortress puzzles, this puzzle has five layers. Here’s what you need to do to solve it.

  • Line up the first layer with the background. Then, line up the second layer with the first.
  • When you get to the third layer you’ll see that it rotates the two layers before it. Line them up.
  • Moving on, line up the fourth layer. This one won’t rotate any other disks.
  • The final, innermost layer moves the two layers before it. Even though it breaks up the progress you have thus far, you’ll want to line up the innermost layer with layers three and four.
  • Cycle back through the layers until you get to layer three. Keep turning this layer until it lines up with layers one and two.
  • At this point all the disks should be aligned, but not with the background. Cycle through the layers back to the first and turn the image until it lines up with the background.

With the image completed, Chloe has one more task to complete. You need to move Ganesh into a yielding position. Move all of Ganesh’s limbs to their lowest, most open positions. With Ganesh yielding, you can submit the puzzle.

Parashurama’s axe comes down but halts right before it would have hit Chloe. The platform before her changes to reveal the tusk of Ganesh. Chloe is held back as Asav retrieves the tusk.


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