Unconventional Methods of Teaching Mathematics to Children

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Math is an important subject that needs to be taught at a young age. They will only become good at math if a strong foundation is built at home. Otherwise, they might feel left out in the school. However, the problem is that not many students like this subject. Although it’s a fun and essential skill, dealing with dry numbers doesn’t match the taste of kids. Here I have shared unconventional but practical methods of teaching mathematics to children. 

Educational Video Games

Children love video games and they can spend hours playing. If they get a few minutes of learning experience while playing a game with attention, it could make a huge difference. That’s why you need to download a math game and have your kids play it. Just make sure they don’t get too much screen time; other than that, they will be learning as long as they are playing the game. For them, it’s not boring homework. They will learn better when they don’t know they are learning. Best of all, kids play games with full attention.


Have Them do Math for Grocery

Many parents have thought about it, but they don’t let kids do it because it’s a responsibility. The thing is responsibility is exactly what they need. It will encourage them to do their best. Yes, you can’t afford to make mistakes when buying groceries for your home. But they are kids and it will take them some time to get good enough. That’s why you need to have your kids do all the calculations and then check it yourself. You can see where the kid lacks and teach him while also clearing the mistakes before making any payments.


Add Math in Other Plays

Math can be added to everything if you know the right way to do it. See which games your kids usually play or would like to play and look for a method to add mathematics in it. For example, when you tell a story to kids, add some calculations in it, and have your kids solve it in their minds. You can ask how much time it would take a character to reach the destination to save someone if it can run at a certain speed. Do not discourage them from mistakes; instead, focus on what they got right and appreciate them.


Use Dramatizations

Create a playing environment and pretend to be in a story with children. You can become a character yourself and give important roles to children. Have them become a hero in the play by solving different little mathematical problems. They will be more interested if you can create an attractive environment according to the play.


Get Some Math Board Games

There are plenty of board games that use real-life events and encourage kids to use creativity. They can create imagery in their own minds while proceeding with the game. In the game, they will have to do some mathematics to get to the next level.

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