Unusual Ideas To Expand Your Gaming Experience

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Razer Turret

Every day, computer game developers are thinking about how to make their products more fun and realistic. And a good way to improve your gaming experience is to get a quality optical cable. However, sometimes users have a question: which cable is the most optimal? In this article, I will tell you about the best optical cable and about the rest of the cool stuff for gamers.

Without which no gamer can live? It is clear, without your favorite and cool new games. And without a convenient joystick for the console or the mouse and keyboard for the computer. But there are still many useful devices that will help to get more pleasure from traveling through virtual worlds. Do you want to know which ones?


Game chair and table

Let’s start with the largest and most obvious – the gaming chair and table. If you can still argue with the need for the first, then the second will make your life at the computer so comfortable that you just do not want to change to a regular chair anymore.

And, let’s say from experience, the comfortable game chair also affects the game results: the absence of pain, fatigue of overstrain in the body, the optimal position of the hands, the ability to precisely adjust to your loved one as much as possible – all this has a positive effect on the probability of winning.


Wire holder

The extra wires on the table are not only an irritant for the perfectionist but also a real hindrance to your victories. A small hold of the edge of the playing surface, a delay in a split second – and your opponent is already triumphant. Want to protect yourself from this? Then you just need a holder – for one or several cables, depending on the model chosen. This simple and extremely compact thing can hold the wire in place, prevent it from sliding on the table, prevent lags and distortion of the mouse’s trajectory. The only ones who definitely do not need this thing are console gamers that play with a gamepad.

Gaming Gear

Game wheel – feel yourself as a rider!

Fans of racing games know how difficult it is to dive into the gameplay when a car has to be driven with 4-5 keys – what realism are we talking about? The game steering wheel will give you a completely different feeling, and even more so in the company of pedals and gearboxes.


Gamepad: press x to win

Manufacturers sometimes “lazy” to adequately adapt the game under control with the mouse and keyboard, which often doom gamers to real control flour. The easiest way out of this situation is to buy a gamepad for a computer.

This device boasts almost standard ergonomics, initial adaptation to most modern games and the presence of vibration feedback, thanks to which the device responds to certain actions of the player with vibration, which enhances the effect of immersion.


Gaming keyboard – for experienced fighters

The most popular keys are often highlighted in color or become more durable. Many models are equipped with additional keys, programmable for individual game actions, a bright built-in backlight, or even a small display, which can be displayed additional information, inventory or game chat.


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