Upcoming Films Based on Video Games

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Worlds Largest Arcade Machine

One would be safe in assuming that we’re currently experiencing a renaissance movement of video games. After all, in the last two decades we’ve seen gaming go from a basement pastime to a global sport with a monumental following, both in person and online. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, and game developers are known for hiring top talent to ensure that titles – especially ones where franchises are concerned – are produced and innovated to the same high, consistent standards. With some games having storylines and characters so intricate that they rival novels, it’s no wonder that Hollywood has started adapting video games from the computer screen to the theater. An example of this is Justin Kurzel’s adaptation of the Xbox classic Assassin’s Creed, which dropped in cinemas in December 2016. Looking forward, however, you will see that several other high-profile video game-based films are on the horizon.



Released in 2011, the sandbox building game was an immediate hit that allowed users almost limitless scope in what they can build or create. The game includes modes allowing players to play custom maps created by other players. On PC there has even been a trend of players acquiring their own server with a provider like 1&1, allowing them to mod custom gameplay items, mechanics, and game assets. Being the second best-selling game of all time, it’s no wonder that a film adaptation is on the way. How director Rob McElhenney plans to do this with a game that largely has no storyline, however, is anybody’s guess. With the script having already been written and the release date pegged for May the 24th, 2019, we’re all just going to have to sit tight and wait for more details to emerge.

Metal Gear Solid V The Definitive Experience

Metal Gear Solid

If ever there was a game made for the film, Metal Gear Solid has to be it. It boasts nanomachines, espionage, government conspiracies and collusion, the main character inspired by Kyle Reese in Terminator, genetically enhanced Special Forces, sultry Russian snipers who can communicate with wolves, cyborg ninjas, psychics, cloaking devices, and a giant bipedal robot that launches nuclear missiles. But all of this is nothing without the compelling narrative drawn up by the game’s designer Hideo Kojima, who is working closely with Jordan Vogt-Roberts to develop a script. And while the game is a bid-budget affair, Vogt-Roberts recently said he’s looking to create a more modest production with fleshed-out characters that stays faithful to the story. And while there’s no release date just yet, IMDB has stated that it’s currently “in development.”

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

Tomb Raider

While the Tomb Raider franchise has enjoyed several films already (with Lara Croft having been played by Angelina Jolie), the reboot will see the decorous archaeologist and adventurer being made resplendent by Alicia Vikander. Currently in development, with principal photography having begun in January 2017, the film has a scheduled release date of March 16, 2018. While the first films underperformed, fans and critics alike are hopeful that Vikander – who has played a variety of different roles, including a humanoid robot in Ex Machina and Danish painter Gerda Wegener in the Danish Girl – can breathe new life into the character, especially after the wildly popular release of the newest iteration of the game in 2013, simply titled Tomb Raider.


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